Well, that was easy.
Well, that was easy.

Roy James Samuel: Indicted After Telling TV Reporter Yeah, I Killed My Girlfriend

It's a staple of any TV show or movie involving a high-profile murder case; hell, it's a Law & Order staple: millions of reporters flocking to a perp-walk, shoving microphones in the suspect's face and asking the obligatory "Did you kill your wife/mistress/boss/third-cousin-once-removed?" to which the suspect is supposed to reply with the obligatory "No!"

But accused murderer Roy James Samuel flipped the script when, earlier this month, he felt the perp-walk scenario called for more candor -- and now he's been indicted. When Samuel surrendered himself at the Jefferson County Jail on a charge of killing his ex-girlfriend, KFDM reporter Ron Reynolds shouted out the routine "Did you kill your ex-girlfriend?"

We're guessing he was just waiting for the routine "No!" so he could file his story and go grab a brew, but Samuel instead offered a "Yes." As KFDM reports, Reynolds followed up, natch, with "Why did you do it?"

"Jealous," Samuel said.

"Why were you jealous?"

"Because she left with another man last night after I asked her not to."

We're guessing Samuel would have been indicted anyway -- according to the KFDM story, his dying ex managed to utter her killer's initials before losing consciousness -- but he certainly didn't need to help pound the last nail into his coffin.

We're just looking forward to whatever upcoming L&O franchise is going to rip this one from the headlines and have some middling guest star confessing to a gruesome hatcheting to a reporter (who will be described as a "vulture" by at least one character) while some no-good defense lawyer in a fancy suit moves to exclude the confession from the record.


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