Rudy Garay: Homemade "Hello Kitty" Stomach Tattoo on 15-Year-old Neighbor Girl Brings Charges

Rudy Garay: Hello, kitty.
Rudy Garay: Hello, kitty.

A Valley man is facing charges because he inked a free "Hello Kitty" tattoo on the stomach of the 15-year-old girl who lived next door.

Rudy Garay, 19, has been charged with various violations of state tattoo regulations, among them not getting permission from the minor's parents, reports.

Maybe Garay thought the girl would keep the tat hidden, but her mother noticed it on the right side of her stomach and -- we presume after some loud words -- contacted authorities in Olmito.

Garay was unlicensed and using homemade equipment, investigators say, which certainly inspires confidence in his services.

He remained in jail as of this morning, unable to make bond.

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