Saddest Christmas in Hyde Park: Neighborhood's Tree Stolen

Starring Susan Lucci....
Starring Susan Lucci....

If this was a Lifetime movie, it would all end with everyone learning the true meaning of Christmas. And maybe it still will.

But as of now, there are still plenty of commercial breaks to go before the story ends.

Sunday was supposed to be the day to celebrate the season by decorating the public tree in the beloved Montrose enclave of Hyde Park, but Stephen Hill of the Hyde Park neighborhood association had to post this sad Facebook update:

Today's decorating of the Hyde Park Community Christmas Tree has been cancelled. Unknown persons stole the tree after it was delivered to the dolphin fountain yesterday.

Reaction was swift:

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-- Oh no! Are you friggin' serious? So much for holiday spirit!

-- Wow!

-- Pathetic.

-- You've got to be kidding me

-- Ugh.....

-- Unreal.

-- Scrooge!

-- No pressies for them!

-- I swear! :-(

-- Oh no, Stephen!

-- Mean people suck.

-- Trash!!

-- disgusting!!!!!

Now comes the part where the tree-stealers have the worst Christmas ever, and the Hyde Park folks get a replacement tree and get it up and decorated in plenty of time. Then it snows on Christmas Eve, the stealers realize the errors of their ways, they return the tree so there are two symbols of Christmas displayed, and then there's an ad for a skin-care product.

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