Say Hi To The Soon-To-Be-Indicted Roger Clemens

More great news for Roger Clemens!! With the word "great" being used in the sense of "big," as opposed to "terrific."

Federal prosecutors have convened a grand jury in D.C. to look into charges that the Rocket perjured himself in front of Congress when he said he never, ever, ever dabbled in performance-enhancing drugs.

Houston attorney Brian Wice, who has been obsessively following the case both on his own and as an analyst for KPRC-TV, tells Hair Balls it's likely that at the least Clemens will end up being indicted.

"I was there when he testified to Congress and I thought that was the end of the beginning; I think this is the beginning of the end," he says. "This can't possibly end well."

The grand jury will only have to decide whether there's enough evidence to let a trial jury decide whether or not Clemens told the truth in his Congressional testimony, and that's not a high standard to meet.

"I don't think the Department of Justice, the U.S. Attorney's Office and the FBI would go to the great length of convening a grand jury unless they believed indictments were at hand," Wice says.

Clemens, of course, was contradicted by a whole slew of people -- including his best friend, Andy Pettitte -- when he testified under oath to a Congressional panel.

Why he decided he had to testify, instead of blowing off Congress or taking the fifth -- or issuing a Pettitte-like apology saying he only used PDEs to recover from injuries -- is one of the enduring mysteries of the case.

No one who knows his lawyer, Rusty Hardin, believes that Hardin encouraged his client to enthusiastically walk into a classic perjury trap.

"I've been trying to figure out who is driving this runaway train that we call Team Clemens and I can't, but that train is coming into the station now at 120 miles per hour," Wice says.

A figurative train wreck involving Roger Clemens? Should be entertaining viewing.

-- Richard Connelly


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