Screwed-Up Klick

Not one red cent: I read your article "The New KKK," [by Keith Plocek, December 28] thinking I would be reading about one despicable, opportunistic organization, but instead found it was about a very different one which I would still characterize in the same way. Should all of the legal adults implicated be fined and imprisoned for their actions? Yes, very much so. Should Libby win money in her civil suit? Not one red cent. When the facts of the case show clear, knowing and understanding consent (as opposed to physical coercion), there must be a disincentive for such an actor to profit from another's crime. Otherwise, there is nothing to stop an opportunistic and sexually precocious minor, either of his or her own volition or at a greedy parent's behest, from actually encouraging the crime to occur in the first place. I would be happy to see Tommy Granger and Byron Aaron Bell imprisoned. I wouldn't lose a single tear to see Libby turned out of civil court penniless.

Name withheld upon request
Charlottesville, Virginia

A Katy Punk



Fantasy Island: Really Red's impact on us suburban kids is worth emphasizing ["Bored with Apathy," by John Nova Lomax, December 28]. In 1981, Katy was a (much smaller) shitty, redneck fringe town and we lived for field trips to those skanky venues like the Island and the Omni. Ronnie Bond was our cool downtown uncle; we spent all our spare money and time at his store hanging out trying to soak up some legitimate punk-ness. I remember the first time the Butthole Surfers rolled into town, that and dozens of other shows. Some of the best ones were when the Houston and Austin bands joined forces on the bill. Damn, who can forget dance-fever old-school style when the Big Boys would bust into "Hollywood swinging"? My 40+ knees hurt just thinking about it.

Kathy King

Trash the Mexican

Disparaging: Gustavo, do us all a favor and trash the "Ask a Mexican" column. There are better ways to make a living than to be employed by someone (probably a non-Hispanic) who makes you answer your questions in such a disparaging way. Sure, some may call it comedy and find a certain satisfaction in your answers (and you may get off on that), but the reality is, your answers lessen the dignity of the Mexican people. I feel someone played you, and you fell for it when they waived a dollar bill in your face. Gustavo, it's people like you who provide ammunition for the suppressive, stereotypical attitudes we have in America toward Hispanics (I'll spare you the examples). If someone is interested in the Mexican culture, try selecting topics that motivate, inspire and empower our people for them. Display our culture as what we really are and not through some useless comedic satire. Be selective about the questions and topics you choose, and answer them in a professional and respectful manner.

John Apodaca


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