SEIU Janitors Protest at ExxonMobil

Protesters and their props.
Protesters and their props.
Photos by Abrahan Garza

Janitors had a protest today in front of the ExxonMobil building, among others, to protest low wages.

"Houston janitors are urging energy giants Exxon and Chevron to uphold the principles of corporate responsibility and revitalize communities," SEIU"S Houston chapter tweeted.

There have been other demonstrations around downtown as the union negotiates a new contract for its 5,300 members.

"Houston janitors who clean the offices of some of the world's most profitable corporations live in abject poverty on less than $9,000 a year," the union says on a Web site. "Right now, janitors are calling on Houston's corporate elite to create good jobs that will revitalize our communities."

Police watched the "action."
Police watched the "action."

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