Sex at Rice University, Indicted Politicians, McGrady vs McCready

The New York Daily News recently reported, and country music star Mindy McCready eventually confirmed, that the singer had a long affair with Houston’s own Roger Clemens. McCready sounds like McGrady, so here's a scorecard to tell McCready and the Houston Rocket apart.

Quacking, Lamely

How lame can a lame duck get? Borris Miles is finding out.

Miles has three strikes against him: 1) He's a freshman state representative, one who has pissed off some colleagues with his brashness; 2) He lost his re-election bid in the primary; and 3) He's been indicted for his penchant for waving around guns and threatening people.


Rice University

But assuming he finishes out his term, he'll be in office eight more months. With all the power and pull he has, he no doubt will fashion a legislative agenda that will make Shelley Sekula-Gibbs's two weeks on Capitol Hill look like something out of LBJ's Senate career.

"I'm sure he's just going to try to lay low and figure out if he has a political future," says one political consultant.

There are no plans for the Legislature to be in session this year, so there isn't a lot of opportunity to trade votes or push projects. Members usually spend this time holding committee hearings and contacting state agencies on behalf of complaining constituents.

"I don't know how much attention the agencies will pay to someone who's going out of town," says one lobbyist. "I know that one agency told one representative, 'You're here for a short time; I'm here forever.' They're certainly not going to listen to some freshman who just got his ass whupped."

Not necessarily so, says a member of the Harris County delegation.

"If Borris continues to do constituent service — and some people who lose primaries don't — then he will get the respect from agencies that everyone else gets," says the member, who, like everyone else, talked under condition of anonymity. "Sometimes that's respect and sometimes that's lip service."

The member noted that Miles's colleagues likely won't change the way they interact with him. Even when it comes to being indicted, the feeling is one of he who is without sin, etc., etc.

"On the other hand, the lobby's not going to help him," the member added. "If he somehow wants to have a get-out-of-debt fund-raiser, he's screwed."

Miles, who did not return phone calls, will be replaced by the longtime veteran he turned out of office, Al Edwards.

Until then, Miles is a very lame, and indicted, duck.

Another Mac to Track

A bright new star entered the Houston sports atmosphere recently: Country music star Mindy McCready. The New York Daily News reported, and McCready eventually confirmed, that the singer had a long affair with Houston’s own Roger Clemens. Which was kind of surprising, since Roger has always made such a big deal about being a family man and all. There’s some confusion about whether Clemens and McCready got to the physical, makin’-sweet-monkey-love aspect of the relationship when she was 15 or actually street-legal. At any rate, McCready sounds like McGrady, so here's a scorecard to tell them apart.

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