Still plenty of action at the State Bar of Texas
Still plenty of action at the State Bar of Texas

Sex With Clients: Texas Lawyers Continue Their Brave Battle To Have It

Still plenty of action at the State Bar of Texas

Texas lawyers have always been allowed to bone (or be boned by) their clients. No prohibitions, no scolding from the State Bar, no penalties.

Everyone's happy, right? And it's not a barter system at all -- in all cases, it's true love between a heroic attorney seeking justice for a (sexy) client.

The prudes at the State Bar, perhaps tired of getting ragged by other states, are now proposing guidelines banning the practice, and the Dallas Morning News reports lawyers "are divided" over the change.

Because let's face it, a lot of lawyers need all the help they can get getting laid.

No, apparently it's because they worry that unfounded claims of malpractice will result (from their sleeping with their clients.) Such grumblings are not exactly shouted on the record, of course; no one wants to be painted as the champion of letting attorneys screw clients.

Here's how the DMN sums up the proposal:

As written, the rule states that lawyers (a) won't condition representation on having a client engage in sexual relations, (b) won't solicit sex as payment of fees and (c) won't have sex with someone the lawyer is personally representing unless the sexual relationship is consensual and began before the attorney-client relationship began. It also excepts spouses.

Some don't think this goes far enough in protecting clients from predatory lawyers. As if there are any.

The proposal will be reviewed by the state Supreme Court and eventually voted on by Texas lawyers, although no one knows quite when that will happen.

Until then, bone (or be boned) away, counselors.


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