Sexiest Cities: Don't Get Too Excited, Houston

Houston;'s hot, but not as hot as....Bakersfield?
Men's Health

has found, once again, a surefire way to get mentioned in a bunch of cities who otherwise wouldn't pay it much mind: It's come up with a list of the

nation's sexiest citie


How? By, it claims, examining condom sales, birth rates and STD rates.

And Houston is Number 10!! Yay!! We must be real sex fiends!

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Well, maybe. Check out some of the cities that finished above us.

No. 2 -- Dallas. We assume this had more to do with STD rates than anything else.

No. 3 -- Columbus, Ohio. Entirely possible, if you take into account what else there is to do in Columbus other than have sex.

No. 6 -- Indianapolis, Indiana. Apparently sex with farm animals counts. Or maybe Men's Health included the Texans' ass-kicking Sunday as some sort of S/M thing.

No. 7 -- Arlington, Texas. We have spent time in Arlington. And not just at Rangers games. "Sexy" is not a word that leaps to mind when we think about it.

No. 9 -- Bakersfield, California. Now you're just messing with us, Men's Health.

No. 10 -- Houston. Gee, it sounded so much better before we looked at the top nine.

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