Shelby Sendelbach to Write a Letter of Apology. Love (for Alex) Conquers All.

Looks like the fiasco in Katy – or at least one of them, we’re sure there are others – is over. Shelby Sendelbach, a.k.a. that girl who wrote “I love Alex” on the wall and got sent to an alternative school and wound up being all over the national media, now only has to write a letter of apology, according the Chron.

We gotta agree with some of the commenters on the Chron’s story who think Sendelbach got off a little too easy. After all, we all know “Alex” is actually code of Al Qaeda.

Here’s what one commenter said: “When the first article about this appeared, I cut it out for my 10-year old son to read. What a good lesson, I thought to myself. Let these kids know that rules are made to be followed and mommy, daddy, their money and attorneys can't always bend the rules to "fix" their mistakes. Yes, the punishment may be a bit harsh, I thought but hey, EVERYONE needs to take responsibility for their own actions.”

Damn, it must suck to be that person’s son. Mommy hits you because she has to. – Keith Plocek


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