She'll Always Be Wearing Diapers in Our Hearts

So apparently everyone’s favorite

wild-and-crazy astronaut



wearing diapers on the drive to Florida.

Today Lisa Marie Nowak’s attorney informed a group of reporters that the diapers found in Nowak’s car after her historic drive off the cliff of sanity were toddler-sized and leftover from her family’s evacuation during Hurricane Rita.


Why would an astronaut evacuate during something so minor as a hurricane? Couldn’t she just strap on a suit and get to fixing things underwater?

Also, why the heck would her attorney wait so long to give us this information, four whole months after the diapers had become entrenched in pop-culture lore?

We haven’t seen timing this bad since we invested in those “Long Live Anna Nicole” T-shirts a few months back. -- Keith Plocek


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