She's Comin': Sarah Palin To Campaign With Rick Perry In Houston

Start droppin' yer Gs now!! Sarah Palin is a-headed to town, with a bucketfull of common-sense talk for all them hot-air artists up in Washington!!!

Rick Perry's campaign announced today that Palin will appear with the governor in "the Houston area" February 7.

"I look forward to standing with Sarah to promote our shared conservative values of limited government, low taxes and individual freedom," Perry wqas quoted as saying on the campaign's blog. "Gov. Palin is a true conservative leader whose priorities and message resonate with Texans, and I am honored to have her in Texas supporting my campaign."

On her Facebook page, Palin likened Perry to Minnesota wingnut Michele Bachmann, which we initially thought was a slam but on further consideration we believe it to represent a compliment in some strange cultures.

Click here to get tickets to the Hair Summit, although don't bother doing so if you like to know where an event is before you commit to going to it. Those details are still to come.

We're sure Houston will do itself proud with this event. We're bettin' on it!!

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