Sheyla Hershey Gets World's Almost-Biggest Breasts Removed

Sheyla Hershey no longer looks like this

We've been following the strange antics of Sheyla Hershey and her breast implants for a while. Most recently it was her

health scare hampering her quest

to get the world's biggest boobs.

Now it seems she has given up the fight, if Fox 26 can be believed, and of course they can because they have been Hershey's go-to news station for her bizarre fixation.

Then again, here's how their report opens: "The world has come to know her well. Sheyla Hershey is known for her striking smile and her large M cup breast implants."

We can think of at four words that can be taken out of that second sentence.

Fox says her earlier infections made her doctor realize that implants needed to be removed, although "She says her surgeon tried to save just enough tissue to attempt reconstructive surgery within three or four months."

So there's hope?

By the way, we've seen just about every letter in the alphabet past E as a breast size for this woman, so we're giving up trying to specify it.

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