Sippin' Syrup, Checking Out Some T-Bills And ARMs

More than 250 "financial literacy leaders from Texas" will be in Houston in mid-September for something called Money Week.

It's an event featuring experts who will give advice on how to deal with current tough economic conditions.

Among the participants: the FDIC, the Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas, the Small Business Association, Comerica Bank...and Underground Kingz.

UGK? What's the schedule look like: "10 am, Room 314A -- Ridin' Dirty Through A Foreclosure, with UGK."

We asked event spokesperson Hope Montgomery just what financial advice UGK would be offering.

After consulting her records, she said, "All I have them down now for is 'Community Event TBA.' So I'll have to get back to you."

We wait with bated breath.

UGK, of course, has long been strong in the community, with and without the late Pimp C. We just didn't know they were financial experts.

-- Richard Connelly


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