The animal world equivalent of Klem's punishment
The animal world equivalent of Klem's punishment

Slap On the Wrist for Rich Doctor Who Molested Young Girls

Little-girl-lovin' Beaumont cardiologist Jeffrey Klem has entered into a 15-year "agreed order of public reprimand" with the Texas Medical Board, according to a Board release issued this morning.

If you'll recall, Klem was the guy who showed that, in Jefferson and Harris counties, you can get a slap on the wrist for pleading guilty to fondling young girls as long as you're a doctor with enough dough to hire a good attorney. Klem was sentenced to six months in jail for his Jefferson County conviction -- but they were kind enough to let him serve his time on the weekends.

The Board on August 21 stayed a suspension of Klem's license, and Klem agreed to the following conditions (amond others):

  • No "direct or indirect contact" with patients under 21
  • When treating patients 21 and older, a chaperone must be present
  • He must practice in a group or institutional setting
  • Must see a Board-approved psychiatrist and follow that psychiatrist's recommendations
  • Must take and pass the Texas Medical Jurisprudence Examination within one year
  • Must pay a $5,000 administrative penalty within 90 days 

Any violations of the order would result in an immediate suspension.

We're just wondering what he'll tell the patients if they ask why a "chaperone" is hanging out in the room during the visit, playing sudoku in the corner while keeping one eye on the doc'. But we're sure Klem will think of something.


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