Dallas gets all the fun.
Dallas gets all the fun.

Snopocalypse 2011: Where's All That Highly Anticipated Snow?

Hair Balls stayed up until 2 a.m. last night waiting for the much-ballyhooed snow as if it were Christmas Eve. This morning we woke up to nothing but a thin layer of ice covering the Montrose, far less exciting than the 1-2 inches that had been predicted to fall throughout the week.

What with all those warnings for our plants, pre-Armageddon runs on our grocery stores and Mayor Annise Parker basically shutting the city down, you'd think we were in the midst of hurricane season, not facing a tiny midwinter cold front in the middle of winter.

However, Hair Balls still has hope, so if you've got a dusting of snow on the ground, we want to see your pictures. Icicles, bad traffic, downed trees, etc. Please drop your weather-related pics into our Flickr pool. And be safe out there. TxDot is reporting that bridges and some roads will be slick at least until noon. Give you a good excuse to sleep in.


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