So Much For That Big Trial Of Judge Samuel Kent

History was waiting to be made in a Houston federal courtroom this morning, when US District Judge Samuel Kent of Galveston was scheduled to go on trial for sexual harassment and obstruction of justice.

In a move that was a crushing blow to observers hoping to hear of a drunk (allegedly) Kent (allegedly) groping his female employees with all the savoir-faire of a Shriner at a low-rent titty club, Kent worked out a plea deal to end the case.

He pled guilty to the obstruction-of-justice charges, the AP reports, and in return the sex charges were dropped:

The jurist spoke barely above a whisper as he pleaded guilty to lying to a judicial committee investigating the sex-related charges. He and his lawyer, Dick DeGeurin, told the presiding judge that he was taking medication for depression and anxiety as well as diabetes, and was under the care of both a psychiatrist and a psychologist.

Kent was known as a petty tyrant on the bench, although one with a caustic sense of humor. It's been a hard fall.

He almost certainly will now be impeached.

Update: Kent is resigning from the bench, his attorney told reporters.

-- Richard Connelly


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