Some Relief From Those Booting A-Holes

If you've ever been booted downtown in a private parking lot, you know what a pain in the ass it can be.

Booting companies in Houston had little regulation over them; if they determined you didn't stick your money in the slot at an unmanned parking lot, they'd slap on the boot. When you eventually reached them, you were out $100, even if you said you'd paid to park.

In 90 days, that'll change.

The Houston City Council has passed a pair of ordinances regulating parking lots and companies that boot and tow.

Now, parking lot operators will have to provide customers with a receipt.

"If you want to boot or tow, you'll have to give a receipt; if you don't want that cost in your business, you won't be allowed to boot or tow," city councilmember Sue Lovell tells Hair Balls.

The new rules also prohibit parking-lot owners from having any interest in booting companies.

So, downtown revelers, remember -- grab that receipt and display it on your dash. Or, if you don't get one, know that you can't be towed.

-- Richard Connelly


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