Some Success On The Pet-Adoption Front

More than 300 pets found new homes over the weekend -- not to mention that $300,000 was raised in pledges -- as the Houston SPCA enjoyed a big success with its annual telethon.

"Hours before the live broadcast (on Channel 39), the parking lot at the Houston SPCA was at capacity, leaving a line of parked cars that stretched into the street," says spokesperson Meera Nandlal.

Great, SPCA -- block traffic like you don't care.

The Houston SPCA wants to warm the cockles of your heart by announcing that "Chance," a dog who's been in the shelter for 10 months, "got adopted into a great home where he is getting the 'chance' he deserves."

Consider our cockles warmed.

Whether you're a pet person or not, the event was a big home run fin the sometimes struggling effort to deal with Houston's abandoned animals. So, congratulations.

-- Richard Connelly


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