Someone Cut the Wires on Our Space Equipment? Time to Head to the Bar. Unless, of Course, You Were Wanting to Have Sex...

"Sounds like I'm missing all the fun and intrigue down there."

Okay, just to be clear: First there was astronaut sex . Then that little spelling gaffe . Then the drunk astronauts . And now there’s…[wait for it]...[wait for it].... sabotage !

NASA is investigating the apparent sabotage of a computer set to be flown up to the International Space Station, the BBC reports.

"The damage is very obvious, easy to detect,” an administrator told reporters.

Wires had been cut on the equipment, which was designed detect vibrations and forces on the station's external trusses (whatever that means). The equipment had been supplied by a subcontractor.

Sounds like we can add a new title to Richard Connelly’s movie list: Lost in Space: The Subcontractor’s Cut. – Keith Plocek

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