You're not the only loser, Doris
You're not the only loser, Doris

Stanley Haney, Solicting Underage Sex Online, Stars In A Picture For The Ages

As it so often does, the indispensable Montgomery County Police Reporter has gone the extra mile to illustrate the soulless existential nightmare that is suburban/rural crime.

Usually the MCPR accomplishes this feat through simple reportage, letting the sad facts about assaults, abuse of pick-up trucks, meth busts and the heroics of drug-sniffing dogs do the job.

But this latest effort uses photography, and provides us with a crime picture for, if not the ages, at least this week.

Stanley Haney is a registered sex offender, and he was caught using Facebook to try to solicit a 15-year-old girl for sex.

Loserville, right? Population: Stanley Haney.

A simple mugshot, however, cannot begin to get across the utter Loserville-ness of Haney and his actions. Luckily, that's where the MCPR comes in.

Behold the photo, which we have entitled "Caged Loser":

Ecce Loser, as Pontius Pilate might say, captured for all time by the Montgomery County Police Reporter.

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