Stevie Brown-Crever: Tough luck on 59
Stevie Brown-Crever: Tough luck on 59

Stevie Victoria Brown-Crever: Pot Bust Stems From Michigan Plates?

The Montgomery County Police Reporter is a just-the-facts publication; here's one of their latest stories:

Sunday evening approximately 7:00P.M. Deputy Juan Chapa and his partner Porter [a dog, by the way] were on routine patrol along US 59 near Creekwood when he spotted a black Ford 500 traveling northbound with Michigan tags.

Stopping the vehicle he talked with the driver who is identified as Stevie Victoria Brown-Crever of Sparta, Michigan. Noticing the numerous air fresheners hanging throughout the car he requested permission to search the vehicle. She denied the consent to search.

What?!? A truck going northbound with Michigan plates? Air fresheners? PROBABLE CAUSE, BAYBEE!!!

Eventually Porter the dog found nine pounds of pot.

(Porter's been finding a lot of stuff lately: Since getting on the job in mid-September, the MCPR says, he's found "Almost 1,600 pounds of marijuana, 797 grams of cocaine, over 3,000 pills, 2 bottles of codiene and a pound of ICE.")

We didn't know that driving with Michigan plates was enough to get you pulled over, but 59 has always been a tough road.

Another county media outlet reports that Brown-Crever was stopped for "a traffic violation."

We've tried to get information from the Montgomery County DA's office, and will update if we do.


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