Working that pole just got more expensive in Houston
Working that pole just got more expensive in Houston

Strippers Hit Hard By Fee Increases; How Will They Pay Their Grad School Tuition?

City Council has approved a boatload of fee increases in an attempt to close the budget gap, and among the hardest hit will be those dedicated single mothers earning money for a graduate degree by asserting their feminist rights by entertaining lonely businessmen.

The license fee for a new "gentlemen's club" dancer has increased from $60 to $250; we'll leave it to those brainy babes to figure out what percentage increase that is, but it's a lot of lap dances.

Also forking over more bucks will be the selfless small-business owners who give these single moms a chance to improve their lot. Getting a new sexually oriented business license will jump to $2,000 from $475; renewing one will increase to $1,000 from the current $225.

What will these owners do? Lord knows they can't increase the prices of their drinks.

SOBs were not the only ones targeted by today's vote. For a full list, click here and scroll down to page 376.

Some other highlights: Mobile food vendors will see their license fee increase to $535 from $300, and operators of valet parking businesses will pay $1,500 for a license as opposed to $1,000.

So if you're a stripper who runs a taco truck outside your club where you also have the valet-parking contract, you're really screwed.


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