Coming to Sugar Land....
Coming to Sugar Land....

Sugar Land Picks A Site For Its Minor League Baseball Stadium

Minor league baseball is coming to Sugar Land, and it will be near the old Imperial Sugar factory that gave the city its name.

The Sugar Land city council chose from among three options last night on where to build a stadium, and it picked a site near the intersection of Highway 6 and US 90A, according to Fort Bend Now.

That is part of the so-called Imperial Redevelopment Tract, which includes the old facility. The city hopes to spark business activity and renovate the large, tall building.

The site was preferred over those at the intersection of U.S. 59 and University Boulevard, and a slightly different location at  Highway 6 and U.S. 90A.

The city has big plans for the proposed entertainment district, as seen here. In a referendum voters approved sales and venue taxes to fund the project.

The city still has due diligence to do on the chosen site, but officials expect a stadium to be ready for Opening Day 2012.

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