Super Bowl: Welcome to JerryWorld

The Metroplex powers-that-be are cursing the weather gods right now -- Lord knows they'd never curse the man they think is the actual God -- over the terrible conditions hitting town for Super Bowl week.

And we're not just talking Steeler fans!! Ba-dum-bump.

The game will go on icebox or not; the festivities leading up to the game may be a little less festive, however. (And remember, the NFL has awarded the game to New York in 2014!)

Visitors in town have included our Sean Pendergast, and he offers his thoughts in this week's issue on Jerry Jones and how to tell when he's saying the truth. (It involves liquor.) He also surveys some very odd prop bets you can make; we also offer a chart comparing the Dallas and Houston Super Bowl experiences.

See "Welcome to JerryWorld," this week's cover story.

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