Tale of the 12-Year-Old

Around 700 Hair Balls blog readers responded to "Police Get the Wrong House in Galveston, Allegedly Assault the Wrong Girl," by Chris Vogel, December 17. Here's a selection of the response.

Sue the city: Those "lawmen" are probably lucky they didn't get shot kidnapping a young girl like that. I hope Dymond sues the city of Galveston for enough money to pay for eight years at Harvard, so she can get a law degree and embark on a career of suing the pants off of cities that don't keep their police under control.

The officers in question should be charged with kidnapping in the second degree, and then given the maximum sentence behind bars, and also be required to register as sex offenders for the rest of their lives. Maybe that would stop the madness.


Galveston Police Department


Jesus: So basically this boils down to, "We couldn't be bothered to identify ourselves as police, or even pick up the right suspect, or care about how bad it looks when three un-uniformed men assault a 12-year-old girl, but we don't want to get in any trouble for that, so we'll blame everyone else." Niiiice.

Also: "The father basically attacked police officers as they were trying to take the daughter into custody after she ran off." Well, yeah. I'd say anyone who didn't attack some unidentified guys in street clothes who were trying to drag a screaming kid into a van would be the lowest kind of scum.

Charging a father with protecting his kid, and the kid for trying to defend ­herself.


Pretty unbelievable story: What I don't get is why they are pressing charges against the girl and her father. Makes no sense whatsoever.


Stupid: What sort of moron can't tell the difference between a 12-year-old girl and a fully grown, white female prostitute? Add in the fact that they were a couple of blocks off on the address, and it's clear we are dealing with borderline mentally challenged thugs. When you combine that level of intelligence with the legal right to use force, you are asking for trouble. These men should be drummed out of the police force. Why do we have zero tolerance for everything but stupid, violent cops?


One-sided: But keep in mind we're only getting the details of one side of the story. A plaintiff's initial court filings, even if basically honest, only present the information that makes the defendants look bad.


No freedom: This is what makes me, a Canadian, nervous about visiting your country. You are like a frog in a bowl of water over a Bunsen burner. You just don't feel the heat increasing. You're no longer in the land of the free, home of the brave. Your freedom has been taken away, and the brave are abusing your children, justifying it by using the very law that was to protect the citizens, against them.

This poor family was traumatized by an attack by the Galveston version of the Gestapo.


Hmmmm: So how do real hookers get treated? Since they thought she was one, this must be it. Great, I guess COPS is showing the real police in action.

John Hardina

Mediation? I would not compromise for anything less than a public apology. What a horrible story. Lawyers like the scum who are representing the city should be ashamed. They are simply continuing the abuse of power shown in the first place.


Huh! Which country do we live in?

Mad as Hell

She's lucky: These days police say, "Do this," and if they have to tell you twice, they torture you with a Taser until you comply. Welcome to the new America!


No surprise here: I hope this police department gets hit with a huge lawsuit by this family, and the officers behind this bungling and corruption lose theirbadges.


Really is a shame: The police knew they were in a losing position. Instead of admitting guilt and quietly settling, they dug in their heels and claimed resisting arrest and assault against a police officer. Not only is this going to be a big deal, but I hope the local NAACP and ACLU get involved. We are all accountable for our actions, even the police. Have any shown remorse and apologized to the innocent child? The rule of law is all we have, folks. If the police don't respect our rights, it is time to find some who will.


Sickened: As the mother of a police officer, this makes me sick. The vast majority of police officers are good, hardworking, law-abiding people who are out there to protect and serve...and they do it well. It's a shame that officers like the ones in this article give all the rest a bad name!


Gun owner: If my daughter yelled "Daddy, Daddy" outside of my house, I would exit the house with my .45 locked and loaded. If I then saw three men assaulting her, I would kill them. There are no two ways about this situation.


ID, please: They were plainclothes officers who didn't identify themselves as police officers. I guess if somebody tries to kidnap you, you should go along with it just in case they're police officers.



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