Tanya "Lil' Bit" Martin: ETX Woman Facing Felony Charge in Pumpkin Heist

In our second example of East Texas pumpkin-related mayhem this week, Hair Balls brings you the story of Tanya Lanea "Lil' Bit" Martin, a pint-sized Tyler-area woman in a heap of crap over a $3.99 gourd.

Earlier this week, Martin was formally indicted on a felony robbery charge for an October 5 incident in which police say she made off with a pumpkin from a Tyler Brookshire Brothers grocery store. While being chased by store employees, Martin allegedly clipped another of her pursuers with the bumper and side-mirror of her truck, and that person just so happens to be an off-duty Smith County sheriff's deputy.

While the deputy was not injured, it's still enough to upgrade the charge Martin faces from misdemeanor shoplifting to second-degree felony robbery, punishable by two to 20 years in prison.

Lil' Bit is no stranger to the Smith County lock-up. According to court records, the petite hellion has been previously busted for assault, resisting arrest, possession of a dangerous drug, illegal weapons possession, unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, copper/metal theft, and now robbery, her most serious rap yet. She has been held since October on $75,000 bond.

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