Terrible Weather Makes for Good Instagram Pictures

Yes, today's weather produced "ASSicles" in Houston.
Yes, today's weather produced "ASSicles" in Houston.
Photo by Bennyweekend19 on Instagram

Glad this wasn't a Monday. The winter is giving us a sign that it's not ready to go yet, causing highway grief as well as power outages, close to 30,000 people were without power early this morning according to various reports. Freezing rain pelted roofs throughout Houston and we even got a little thunder last night. This morning we all woke up to slick roads and wonderfully depressing weather to kick off your March.

And in these modern times, what's the misery of a freezing cold rainy day without social media to help relive the moment.

Lynne pretty much sums it up.

Today's weather (a winter weather warning is in effect until noon), has toppled trees, which downs wires, which cuts power, which leads to a miserable start to the day.

And ahh the traffic.

Oh, yeah. Those "ASSicles" again.

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