A second career opens up for a Texan
A second career opens up for a Texan

Texans' Eric Winston Pinch-Hits For Sports Illustrated's Peter King

Sports Illustrated's Peter King is off covering the World Cup (because why the hell not?), so the publication has turned to some substitutes to keep up the popular NFL rumors/analysis column Monday Morning Quarterback.

Today's pinch-hitter: Houston Texan Eric Winston.

The offensive lineman already blogs and twitters, so he's not new to the writing game.

Winston chose as his MMQB topic five ways he'd improve the NFL.

Among the five: Play the Super Bowl on a Saturday (what?), create a minor league, and change the rookie pay scale.

He also offers his version of King's "10 Things I Think I Think," including this take on soccer:

I think if soccer wants to get big in America, it needs to do what every other American sport has done: Cater to the offense. Football has done it with various penalty changes like pass interference and allowing a certain amount of holding at the line of scrimmage. Basketball has done it by not allowing hand checking. Baseball has done by shrinking the strike zone down to the size of a Happy Meal. My suggestion for soccer? Make it 10 on 10. By taking one guy off, it will allow for the skill guys to have more space to do the amazing things that on occasion you see them do.

Still, Winston's effort was utter FAIL to one, important MMQB degree: He failed to mention Starbucks. That's something King would never fail to do.

Also, we'd have to believe King would find the column contained an insufficient amount of slobbering over Brett Favre.


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