Texas City Dike  is back
Texas City Dike is back

Texas City Dike Finally Reopens, Two Years After Ike

It's been a long time, but the Texas City Dike, that five-mile manmade but of pure Gulf Texana, is set to reopen.

Tomorrow morning at 6 a.m., for the first time since Hurricane Ike sent a massive storm surge over its top, the fishing pier will be open for business. There's a ribbon-cutting ceremony tonight.

You have to take some bad news with the good, however: You'll now be charged a fee to get on the thing on weekends if you're not a Texas City resident.

"Dike access fees will be used to help keep beaches clean, for dike maintenance and future improvements," the city explained in a release announcing the reopening.

Restoration work is still ongoing, and things will no doubt be a bit sparser on the dike than before September 2008, but it's good to have the thing back in business.

And yes, you are now free to resume making as many "Texas City Dyke" jokes as necessary. That, too, is part of the tradition.


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