Texas Tech, innovating again
Texas Tech, innovating again

Texas Tech's "Silent Treatment": Oooooh, Be Scared, Longhorns

Texas Tech, innovating again

As if the Texas Longhorns didn't have enough troubles, what with struggling to beat Rice and Wyoming to open the season, now they face their most severe challenge ever.

They go to Lubbock this weekend to play Texas Tech, and the student government at Tech is asking students to intimidate UT during the  game by....being silent?

They're calling it the Silent Scare. Others are calling it possibly the stupidest idea since reelecting George W. Bush.

The idea, which was e-mailed to all Tech students, apparently grows out of some hurt UT feelings the last time they went to Lubbock. Red Raider fans apparently did not treat Orangebloods with all the fawning adoration they so thoroughly deserve. In their minds, at least.

How will UT's Garrett Gilbert call audibles when the crowd is completely quiet? The Longhorns, in fact, have probably been practicing this week by piping in crowd noise to simulate the Tech atmosphere. SUCKAZ!!! Wasted decibels!!

As far as we can tell, the Tech student government did not further call for intimidating UT by having any and all Tech students in pads on the field drop passes or miss tackles, but that's probably because they didn't think of it.

And they didn't think of it because they demonstrably have no idea of how football is played.


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