The 10 Sexiest Texans of Our Lifetime

Texas is loaded with natural resources, among them beautiful women. The state has provided many, many gorgeous, sexy and smart women.

To be sure, not all of them combine all of those qualities -- there are tradeoffs to be made -- but still, there's been no shortage in our lifetimes of fetching Texas women.

How are we defining "our lifetimes"? As with all things, it's the Baby Boomer era.

So here are the top ten:

10. Joan Severance This Westbury High alumna first introduced the concept of soft-porn S&M to a nation of avid VHS users. She's been a Playboy cover girl whose nude shots abound on the net.

The 10 Sexiest Texans of Our Lifetime

9. Erykah Badu It's not just the musical talent, it's not just the ballsiness of a Dallasite shooting a nude music video in Dealey Plaza; perhaps it's that a Google Image search for her autofills to "Erykah Badu booty." And, of course, there's that hair.

The 10 Sexiest Texans of Our Lifetime

8. Angie Harmon Perhaps the first on this list for whom you'd have to put up with listening to inanities -- she's a rich-kid Dallas supporter of Sarah Palin -- Harmon's dark good looks might make it worthwhile. (Still, Sarah Palin?) It's up to you whether it hurts or helps that she's married to one of the most overrated New York Giants of all time, Jason Sehorn.

The 10 Sexiest Texans of Our Lifetime

7. Janeane Garofalo Who can resist a sarcastic, smart, tattoo'd woman who mocks society's obsession with female looks? A lot of you, probably. But to each his own. She reportedly hated her time as a high-schooler in the Houston area, so you'd have to decide if that's a deal-breaker for you.

  6. Anna Nicole Smith If you like drugs, Anna Nicole Smith could have probably helped you get them. If you don't like slurring, stoned former Dairy Queen waitresses, you might pass on her, but there was a time when she was highly, highly thought of by young boys everywhere.

The 10 Sexiest Texans of Our Lifetime

5. Eva Longoria The women-rating net version of Comic Book Guy will sneer and ask whether we've seen the untouched candid photos of Longoria that are floating around the web. Color us shocked that women can look better in an expensive cover-photo shoot than they do in the grocery store.

The 10 Sexiest Texans of Our Lifetime

4. Jaclyn Smith The non-Farrah angel, Smith -- a Lamar High grad -- was the Angie Harmon of the `70s.

The 10 Sexiest Texans of Our Lifetime

  3. Jessica Simpson Another one where conversation might be lacking. And, to be sure, we're not talking the mom-jeans Simpson, although we thought that was all overblown. We're talking the Daisy Dukes Simpson.

2. Farrah Fawcett By poster sales alone. Even though by today's standards, she's all but wearing a burqa.

The 10 Sexiest Texans of Our Lifetime

1. Beyoncé Hot, talented, from Houston -- how can she not be number one?

The 10 Sexiest Texans of Our Lifetime

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