The 2008 Voting Charts: The County Judge Race

Part two of our look at local races, in chart form, concentrates on the Harris County Judge race.

County Judge is an extremely important position that flies under the radar of most people. The two candidates for the office aren't exactly changing that.

David Mincberg is Bill White's former housing expert; he's known mostly because of his radio jingle, which sounds like a country-fied Schoolhouse Rock song that never made the air (for good reason). Ed Emmett is the incumbent by way of appointment; he's know mostly for causing a rash of stomach pumpings around the city whenever Houstonians play the drinking game that mandates a shot whenever they hear the words "hunker down" in his ads.

Here's how they shape up:

The 2008 Voting Charts: The County Judge Race

Footnote: [1]

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