The 2008 Voting Charts: U.S. House District 22

Congressional District 22, even after a few years, still contains the strong stench of Tom DeLay. Not to mention his hapless successor, Shelley Sekula-Gibbs, known forever to readers of the popular Wonkette blog as

"Dracula Cunt"

after we noted how she had received a write-in vote (that counted!) under that name.

Democrat Nick Lampson, who was redistricted out of office in 2004, captured the 22nd seat two years ago and has hung tenuously on ever since in the heavily-GOP district.

He faces Pete Olson, a by-the-book Republican who has worked as a staffer for Phil Gramm and John Cornyn.

The race, in chart form:

The 2008 Voting Charts: U.S. House District 22

-- Richard Connelly

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