Will find loopholes for food.
Will find loopholes for food.

The Annotated Alberto Gonzales

Some Houstonians have long been inordinately proud of Alberto Gonzales. Raised in Humble, he went to Rice and spent his early career working for one of Houston's largest law firms. Breaking down barriers along the way, he fought his way up the ladder to become the first Hispanic Attorney General of the United States.

Now the dude can't get a job.

The New York Times reported recently that Gonzales, who left the AG's job under circumstances that generally aren't discussed by the people who used to be proud of him, is having trouble finding employment.


Alberto Gonzales

"He has, through friends, put out inquiries and has not found any takers," the Times reported. "What makes Mr. Gonzales's case extraordinary is that former attorneys general...are typically highly sought."

Yeah, you'd think. Of course, being under investigation by the Justice Department for possible perjury tends to put a damper on the ol' job search.

Still, we wish Gonzales all the luck he deserves. It must be torture going through what he's going through, but he's probably okay with that.

To help, we're providing his résumé, annotated as a service for prospective employers.


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