The Astrodome

Our blog, Houstoned, ran a very special guest column by...The Astrodome ["The Astrodome Speaks," November 2]. Online readers were happy to have a word with the Dome:

Orange county: Say it with me...Dynamo Dome!



saving the Astrodome

Who's on 8th: Keep the Dome; it was there first. It wasn't called the 8th Wonder of the World for nothing!


I heart ya, Dome: I had an uncle who used to work the mail room in you and would bring me with him to work; I used to run your halls, floors and field, and I loved it all. I also believe that Reliant is a blight on the Houston skyline. Hell, since they took out AstroWorld, I haven't really had a reason to venture down there. I have many, many wonderful memories of you, and I hope that they figure out what they want you to do.

Kevin Reed

Nothing's sacred: Y'all know it is just a matter of time [sniffle]...You know what I mean...I mean nothing is sacred in this city. I can't go anywhere because I can't remember what the place is called this week. One day — and it doesn't seem too far away — there won't be anything left of the old Houston and we will just be a mega-master-planned community with no soul. From the faux "old" storefronts downtown, to Midtown, to the gentrified cookie-cutter Montrose and Heights, it will just look like a catalog. It reminds me of Fight Club, when Edward Norton realizes his entire apartment is an Ikea ­catalog.

Dome, I will love you for as long as you're around, no matter what they have you doing.


From the Wonder: Thank you all for being my domeys...

The Dome

A plan: How about we stop sending all of our casino money to Louisiana and have an AstroCasino? I'm sure all the politicians in Houston would be watering in the mouth for some of that action.


Houstoned Ballz ran a column by John Royal, "The Dome is Dead. Long Live the Dome," November 2]. Readers responded:

Thrill seeker: John says it all here. I know when I moved to Houston in 1984, the first words out of my mouth were "Where's the Astrodome?" And through the hundreds of baseball games and other events I attended there, I never lost that thrill. It always had a life and aura about it that were ageless and matchless. It doesn't surprise me one bit that the Rodeo and the Texans don't want it when they can tear it down for more parking for their eight football games and two weeks of rodeo. Houston has neither a remarkable skyline nor many other memorable attractions. I've been waiting and dreading this for years. All I can say is, save me one of those rainbow seats.

Jeff Share

Thanks for that, John: It's so true. Houston has no history...or soul.


Tear down Reliant: I agree with John 100 percent. There was never a need for another baseball venue, or rodeo venue, either. I always compare my visits to Reliant Stadium and "Juice" Park to my experiences at the Astrodome. The Dome seating was more comfortable and provided more legroom; there, you didn't have people kicking you in the back of your head with their knees. I will probably never see another event in Reliant Stadium because of these experiences. I worked in the scoreboard and "Diamondvision" operation for more than 17 years, and it will always be a high point of my existence. I remember going to Colt 45 games and fighting the mosquitoes, heat and humidity. The weather in the Dome was a real relief to all Houston sports fans. Let's move the Rodeo, football, Monster Trucks and tractor pulls back into the Dome and tear down Reliant Stadium.

Left End for the Back Row Gang

Don't go: John, I worked at the Dome from 1979 till 2007, when the Rodeo used it again for a gala. My father was selected by Judge Hofheinz to work there before opening day and stayed on there till 2001. I have lightbulbs from the original scoreboard, baseballs and footballs from under the rolling seats. I saw a man purposely drop to his death from the gondola inside the dome in front of 50,000 people. (Well he didn't plan on dying, but he did.) I really hate to see it go, and I want some of those rainbow seats also.

Mark Kennedy

The Dome weighs in, again:



And again: Thank you, John, for your cooperation in this matter.

The Dome


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