The Bolivar Ferry Is Back, Baby

It's back! As of six o'clock this morning, service on the Bolivar

Ferry has resumed


The biggest job in getting the boats back in service wasn't any damage to the ships themselves; rather it was dredging a bay that had been transformed by Ike.

There was minor damage to boats and facilities, but the dredging was the big part, and now it's done. Service is 24/7, every hour.

And, of course, it's free. The ferry has always been among the best cheap thrills in Texas.

There's the dolphins playing about in the wake (we hope they're still there); the kids feeding Fritos to hovering seagulls; the huge cargo ships crossing your path.

And then, when you get over to Bolivar Peninsula, there isn't much of anything. And that was before Ike.

If you would like to experience the trip accompanied by a band that sounds like it definitely Goes To Eleven, click here. If your tastes aren't as demonic, there's always Ezra Charles's song "Bolivar Ferry," which we haven't heard and don't intend to.

-- Richard Connelly

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