The Chinese Connection

According to state records, Poly Sac, Inc. was incorporated in 1985, was formerly located at 4800 Clinton Drive in east Houston and moved to its present location in 1991, the same year that Allied Fibers, Inc. was incorporated. Poly Sac's president is Jerry C. Wang, its secretary is Ying Y. Wang and its registered agent is general counsel Justin Ong. Ong declined to confirm whether Poly Sac or Allied Fibers is owned by Wang or his company, The Pan Pacific Group.

The 4800 Clinton location is an old, white-tile two-story factory building a quarter of a mile off the road, identified only by its address and a puzzling sign on its facing announcing in huge letters, "Manufacturing Company." According to incorporation records, this is the address of "American Bag Mfg., Inc.," "A&A Plastics Mfg., Inc." and "Inter-Pacific Bag Mfg., Inc." Among the corporate officers for these companies are listed Jason Wang, Sherry Wang, Hua Lung Wang and Helen Wang. Asked whether these companies are part of Jerry Wang's Pan Pacific Group or are otherwise affiliated companies, Justin Ong insisted, "They are not related in ownership; they are related in family relationship."

Company spokesmen were similarly reluctant to discuss the company's Chinese connections. At the company's Heyward, California offices, Jerry Wang was said to be unavailable because he was "in China, on business," and that no one was authorized to speak on his behalf. A man who would identify himself only as "Robert, an accountant" said Wang might be in China as long as six months.

All expressed ignorance of or refused to comment on the alleged employment of Chinese workers at the Houston plant. Poly Sac manager Dinna Kou said that "Allied Fibers" has been in business for three years, but refused to discuss the relationship between the two companies. Asked if either company has any Chinese business connections, Kou said no.

Asked for identification or any response to the photographs of the Chinese workers, with the factory site of Allied Fibers/Poly Sac clearly visible in the background, company attorney Cliff Couch said: "This is the end of the line. As long as the court case proceeds, however long it takes, we're not speaking about anything having to do with the company, its personnel, its employees, anything.... We're not answering any questions."

-- Michael King


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