Jace Garrett, Saddle Bronc
Jace Garrett, Saddle Bronc
Mandy Oaklander

The Cowboy Diaries: Lose a Car, Ride a Bronco

True cowboys are hard to find, but not at the Houston Rodeo. Life on the road leads them here this time every year for the biggest competition in America, where they'll ride and wrangle livestock for cash and glory. Each day, Hair Balls will spotlight one person with enough dirt on his boots to call himself a cowboy -- and mean it.

Name: Jace Garrett Age: 23 Hometown: Alliance, Nebraska Event: Saddle Bronc

I got into rodeo because I grew up with it. My family, friends, everybody did it.

My worst injury was when I broke my back. It got smashed as I was coming out of a bucking chute.

If I didn't rodeo I'd probably be feeding cows, working on a farm somewhere.

Before I rodeo, I usually get really scared.

My wildest rodeo story happened last night. I got drunk drinking whiskey and 7 at the Hideout and lost my car. I found it this morning with my keys on top.

Is it wise to get drunk before an athletic competition? Like I said, that was last night.


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