The Dome As Movie Studio -- Now On The Web

The Dome As Movie Studio -- Now On The Web

The folks who are trying to turn the

Astrodome into a movie studio

have taken a giant, important step -- they've gotten themselves a web site.

If that doesn't make them legitimate, we don't know what will.

The site, debuting today, is properly slick and explains how the Dome can be turned into a complex featuring a huge soundstage, performing-arts stages, offices, restaurants and a fitness center. (What, no Scientology massage tent? Good luck getting a Tom Cruise movie.)

Says the site:

With 600,000 sq. ft. of leasable space, Astrodome Studios is targeting film, media, video game developers, modeling agencies, sound studios, studio equipment rental, catering and many more companies associated with film and television production.

(Somehow the site doesn't mention that, unlike Reliant Stadium, the Dome's roof stayed put during Ike.)

Check it out and be amazed. Or not.

-- Richard Connelly

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