The Dope Arrests Continue At HISD; Trend Stories To Follow

Yes, we are aware that three more HISD employees have been nabbed with drugs today by the now-infamous drug-sniffing dog.

In other news, there was traffic on the Southwest Freeway coming into work this morning. And the sun is expected to set in the west this evening.

It really is best now to leave it in the hands of the news stations, who even now are putting together elaborate packages that no doubt include the piercing question "Is Your Child Safe?" (Because a teacher who gets high might one day put down the Shakespeare something dangerous?)

Look, we've already given officials 10 Ways To Tell Your Teachers & Staff Are Getting High. We've done all we can.

As for you teachers, it's almost become a slap in the face to the media -- if you're not thinking of better ways to hide your drugs after all these stories, we're not sure we want you teaching our kids.

-- Richard Connelly


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