The Finnisher's Strange Story Continues

The Finnisher's Strange Story Continues
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Remember the Finnisher? Remember the guy who tackled an armed robber and then capitalized on it with a super-duper cheesy car dealership ad?

This ad:

Well, he's struck again. ABC13 earlier this week reported that RIk Melartin was arrested for bribery and DWI in Galveston County. He blew almost twice the legal limit.

What makes this worse is that Melartin was on bond when he was arrested. He's currently charged in Harris County with five counts of sex assault of a child, indecency with a child, tampering with a witness, compelling prostitution and sexual performance by a child.

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According to Galveston County records, Melartin posted $80,000 bail. But even though he posted bail, ABC reported, the Galveston County arrest violates conditions of Melartin's Harris County bond.

So long story short: The Melartin saga isn't Finnished.

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