The Firing Of Chad "Ochocinco" Johnson, Caught On Video And Zaprudered

Chad is confused by events
Chad is confused by events

As promised in my Monday post wrapping up the previous weekend, a weekend that saw Dolphins wide receiver Chad Ochocinco Johnson become former Dolphins wide receiver Chad Ochocinco Johnson, I did tune in to Hard Knocks on Tuesday night to watch Johnson's final episode on the show.

As I watched the first twenty minutes or so of the one-hour program, it felt a little like watching a rerun of the Beverly Hills, 90210 episode where Dylan's wife Toni was viciously murdered in the final few minutes of the show. (Oops, do I need to scream "SPOILER ALERT!" on a program from nearly 20 years ago?)

I mean, for nearly the entire episode of Hard Knocks, Johnson is playfully gallivanting around the practice field, the innocence of a kid's game quite evident, but the whole time I knew...I knew that in the final five minutes...BOOM!! It was coming.

So I pondered how it might all go down. How would Chad Johnson be written out of the Hard Knocks script? Would he leave quietly to study abroad? Would he die in a fiery car crash with no body found, allowing him to possibly return with amnesia in 2013?

Unfortunately, Hard Knocks is not a soap opera (as best I can tell, at least), so it went down in a much more subdued, yet highly Zapruder-able fashion. Let's take a look and then break down the highlights, shall we?

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