The Gospel According to John

On Hispanics:
"The sense I have is that Hispanics are the last great immigrant group. And however they get in this country, they come over really believing in the American dream. I think that the people who scoot in here from Mexico and Central America are the best people from that culture. Think about it: they have to go through a lot of grief to come over here. They get over, they work like crazy, they take care of their families, they believe in the American dream."

On California's Proposition 187:
"I don't understand to this day why that didn't offend more people than it did. The notion that somehow society is better served by having kids not going to school, guaranteeing they grow up to be illiterate and not well-educated, is incredibly stupid. It really offended me more than I could say. [Governor] George W. Bush has been really clear that 187 is not in the cards for this state. Maybe it's because we're just smarter."

On California Governor Pete Wilson:
"He's on my shit list. It's all over 187 and the fact that he's a liar. He lied to California when he said he was not going to run for president."

On the mayor of Houston:
"I'm a huge fan of Bob Lanier. It's not for no reason at all that he's the most popular mayor in the world. He's done a lot of great things for the city, and I'm very fond of him."

On who he'd like to succeed Lanier:
"I can get real excited about Lee Brown if he decides to run. He's very low-key, but he's smart as hell and he's got excellent credentials. He ought to get a lot of support from conservatives in this city. Now whether the minority communities do that ... whether they're going to recognize that he's the guy to support, I'm not smart enough to know."

On the religious right:
"You see these periodic spikes where the religious right will be heard from, but they don't have the staying power. These people get in office, and then people get alarmed that their kids are going to [be taught] creation science, and a couple of other things start happening with the school system or county government, and they vote them out. And that's the way its supposed to be."

On Bud Adams:
"Clearly, he's PR-challenged. He has done about as bad a job as anybody can possibly do at that. There's no reason -- it's stupid."

On the Oilers playing out their Dome lease:
"It's going to look like everybody was a dumbass, all the way around. It's going to look like, 'How could they possibly have let this thing happen, how could they possibly not have negotiated with the city and Drayton McLane?' It's just gonna be a running nightmare."

On professional athletes:
"We don't want people [with image problems]. Darryl Strawberry is never going to play for the San Diego Padres. Barry Bonds is never going to play for the Padres. Dwight Gooden is never going to play for the Padres. It's bad business, okay? I don't like showboats [like] Deion Sanders. I liked Earl Campbell."

On athletes as role models:
"I don't want to be a choirboy. It's not the point. No matter whether Charles Barkley says, 'I ain't no role model,' well, he's wrong; he is a role model. And you can't take the big bucks and duck the responsibility."

On suits:
"I'll wear one when they bury me.


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