The Honore System

The Honore System

True and false: This is concerning the story by Chasen Marshall ["Fifth Ward Saints," November 4]. It is true that I spoke with Carlos Honore and his wife. It is false, however, that either of them spoke to me about organizing any kind of sports program. When I spoke to the Honores, they were attempting to turn a house they had purchased into some kind of group home. The Fifth Ward neighbors where the proposed home was located contacted me to offer their absolute objection to the Honores' proposal, and I relayed that to Mr. and Mrs. Honore.

During one of the conversations with the Honores about the community's opposition, the Honores advised that their first attempt to create the group home in Southwest Houston was met with extreme resistance. The Honores also advised that they settled on Fifth Ward because it was a community that nobody thought much of and had nothing going on except people sitting on the corners. Somewhat shocked and offended by the Honores' description of Fifth Ward, I joined in the community's opposition to the Honores' group home idea.

Finally, I was not aware that the Honores had changed endeavors until I read your paper. Hope the Honores' program is what they say it is. Also hope the Honores know better about Fifth Ward. If so, you can count me among their supporters.

Representative Harold V. Dutton Jr.
Legislative District – 142
Texas House of Representatives

Editor's note: During his reporting on this story, writer Chasen Marshall contacted Representative Dutton's office for comment. Dutton and his office had no response until after publication of the story, when they sent the Press this letter.

Online readers weigh in:

Wanting to help: Thank you for such an inspiring article. I will be contacting this amazing couple to see what type of help would be most beneficial for them and their young men.

D. Ibanez

Thank you: This family and the coaches involved give me hope. Thank you for sharing their light with us all.


This is a great article: I definitely plan on looking into how to make a donation, but even as a community we can only do so much. It is up to the kids and, even more, their parents to participate. I don't understand how many of these parents can't even do things when programs are there provided to them. I love what these people are doing and may God bless them with help and strength.


Great story, Chasen: What amazing people Carlos and Tatum are. What a different world this would be if we all would give an ounce of what they do.

Leslie Marshall

The Money Machines

Online readers comment on "Red Light Cameras: How Will HPD Make up the $10 Million Loss?" Hair Balls blog, by Richard Connelly, November 16:

Good riddance: I'm so tired of this story. HPD, the city and whatever other organization got bonus funds when the cameras were installed now act like they can't function without this money. You were making it before the cameras, weren't you? It's kind of like Beltway 8 tolls going away once the road is paid for. Remember that myth? No one wants to get off the gravy train once they've found a comfortable seat. Good riddance to the cameras.


Bad behavior: Now that we have this thing on the run, let us not rest. Items like these are taxes pure and simple. Let's first pass local, then state laws prohibiting this kind of behavior by the managers of our common resources.


Money pit: Red light cameras were nothing but a money pit for the city. I'm glad they are gone. It was all about revenue.


Make them pay: I think I'd rather have the lawbreakers pay into the city rather than have law-abiding property owners pay more property taxes. You who voted against this because it was called a tax are going to find out the truth pretty soon.

Not sure

Cell phone use: Fine anyone that uses a cell phone while driving. That would bring in hundreds of million of dollars and lower the accident rate.

Scott Bodenheimer

Quit complaining: Those against the cameras complained and got them removed. Now that HPD wants to diligently enforce the law, more complaints. Seems as though the only thing that would make the complainers happy is to be able to drive however they want, at whatever speed and not face consequences. Gee...what a great example to set for the community.


Horse Trouble

Online readers respond to "Health Inspector Tells Natachee's Beloved Horse to "Giddy Up," Eating Our Words blog, by Lauren Marmaduke, November 16:

Godspeed, people! That dude is a badass, and I hope that Lacy is recovering from her twisted ankle.


Giddy up, inspector: I was looking forward to heading down there to see Lacy. Though sadly, I wondered how long it would be before the city would show up to ruin everything. Nothing cool lasts in Houston. And there was no good reason not to allow for better weather to move Lacy, except the inspector's arrogance. I wish I could tell that inspector to "giddy up" on out of his job.

Heights Weirdo


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