The Houston Chronicle: Now Proudly Featuring Fart Jokes

So it's come to this: In the never-ending battle to make themselves relevant to Teh Kidz, the Houston Chronicle has resorted to fart jokes.

You know how Apple has, like this kind of phone thing, and there's ads that show all the crazy stuff you can do with it? (Note for oldsters: That "stuff" is called an "app.")

Haven't you ever wondered how terrifically funny it would be if there was an app called iFart? (Question valid only for middle-school boys.)

Wonder no more, because those wacky nutballs at the Chron have put together a spoof ad with such things as iFart and iBurp. It's a giggle orgy!! here? On the one hand, you're giving them clicks. On the other, you can leave comments.

Update: We just remembered, the Chron's reader rep addressed a fart-related issue a while back when the word was used on an op-ed column headline. "For the record," Jim Newkirk wrote, "editor Jeff Cohen was not amused by the use of "fart" in the headline and ordered during today's 4 p.m. news budget meeting that we not use a slang word like 'fart', particularly in headlines." But that world wide web -- it's craaaazy!!

-- Richard Connelly


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