The Miracle of Giraffe Birth: Video of Baby Giraffe Being Born from Houston Zoo

As Don Henley once said, "There's a new kid in town" or, in this case, a calf in the form of a baby giraffe at the Houston Zoo.

A couple years ago, everyone oohed and ahed over photos of another newborn giraffe at the zoo, but we wonder if your responses would have been so overwhelmingly positive had it been photos of the actual birth.

Well, animal lovers, here's our chance to find out as the Houston Zoo published a video on YouTube of the entire birth of Asali, from the first emergence of his hoof to his mother, Tyra, licking him clean. Like all births, it's a somewhat messy process, but, as Kramer once told Jerry, "Mother Nature's a mad scientist."

Enjoy the show after the jump.

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