The Nitty-Gritty

Fast-seduction techniques range from common-sense basics to incredibly complex combinations of body language, tone and storytelling. Here are just a few examples of the practice's major concepts:


Remember Pavlov's dog? Well, Pavlov could've spent his time conditioning a hot babe (HB) instead of a Jack Russell. The idea here is to trigger a desired emotion with a simple touch. Say she's laughing at a silly story you're telling. Touch her elbow as you watch her light up. After a few occasions, you'll be able to elicit laughter just by touching her elbow. When you get really good, you can plant multiple anchors: a neck anchor for romance, an arm anchor for excitement, etc.

Kinesthetics, a.k.a. Kino

One of the most important aspects of fast-seduction, kino is described on the Fastseduction Web site as "the difference between getting and not getting the girl." When meeting a girl for the first time, be sure to shake her hand -- and maintain your grip longer than expected. The important thing is to kino right away. Touch her hand, arm or hair throughout the evening. Kino can be especially effective when combined with anchoring.

Mystery's Three-Second Rule

This shows you are a determined yet spontaneous dude who's not afraid to go after what he wants. The trick here is to approach a girl you like within three seconds of spotting her. You won't have time to get nervous or doubt yourself, and she'll be impressed by your confidence. Assuming you don't puke all over her, it's a surefire way to make a good first impression.

Nice Guy vs. Jerk

An old debate, and the pathetic salve of the loser, who tells himself he couldn't get the girl because they all like assholes anyway. Hogwash. As explained in Clifford's Seduction Newsletter, women fall for jerks because these are the guys who admit that they're sexual beings. Nice guys turn off their sexuality because they're afraid it'll scare the girl, thus turning themselves into eunuchs. So women don't really prefer jackasses to tender souls. They just prefer a dude with cojones to a flower-wielding castrato.

Trance Words

"The words she puts particular emphasis on or repeats frequently are her so-called trance words," according to the FS site. Say you ask her about the most important factors of a relationship, and she says she likes a guy who "makes me feel comfortable." Feel comfortable are the trance words here, and if you repeat them to her in a different context, you can burrow your way into her subconscious and, in turn, her heart. (Or pants, depending on what you're looking for.) The site explains that when she hears you use trance words, "she feels you understand her so completely. You are like a soul-mate, and whatever you say to her is much more likely to be understood and, most importantly, liked by her."

The armed forces don't have a monopoly on weird jargon. Fast-seducers speak in a language all their own. Here are but a few of the more colorful terms plucked from

Anti-Slut Defense (ASD)

A woman's innate mechanism to not immediately sleep with a guy or initiate sex, lest a prudish society dub her a slut.


To complete a pickup by getting a girl to commit to a date. Some PUAs (pickup artists) like to specify the nature of the close; e.g. number-close, kiss-close, fuck-close.

Cockblock (CB)

When someone takes your target away or makes her lose interest in you.


Japanese girl.


"Let's just be friends." A definite death knell.


Multiple long-term relationships. "It is best to inform all the women in your MLTRs that you are polyamorous."


A superhero version of the above, where you enter into LTRs with bisexual women, so they help you find more partners. Kind of like making your money work for you.


The Web site describes it crassly but succinctly: "A disorder commonly found in AFCs (Average Frustrated Chumps) that forces them to think that one chick is so special that they'll do anything to get into her panties. The most common cure for this disease is to go out and fuck a baker's dozen of other chicks to see that one piece isn't so special."


A platonic female friend you can use as social proof when you're out sarging.


Victim chick. A girl with mucho emotional baggage. She makes the guy feel like he's rescuing her, and will often say "I've never told anyone this..." when talking about her past.


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