The Secret World Of Dan Patrick, Via Twitter

Dan Patrick -- hyperbolic talk-show host, slightly unhinged state senator -- has joined the Twitter world.

Normally, that wouldn't be too exciting, as his Twitter page proves ("Getting ready for the 81st Texas Legislature session").

But the decision gave his compadres at Lone Star Times the chance to come up with what Patrick should be Twittering, if only he just said whatever came into his mind (Wait, he doesn't?)

The result is a pretty funny deal called "Dan's Secret Tweet" and includes some good stuff.

"Biggest Christmastime challenge? Regifting Bettencourt's fugly ties."

"Up til 4 am studying LBB revenue models and watching Cheaters on the WB."

"Ah, the annual 'share your memories of Christmas' show... after 20 years on-air, I can sleep-walk through this one by now."

We can't be sure, but we're guessing the secret Twitter's going to be a lot more entertaining than the actual one.

-- Richard Connelly


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