The Trailer For Oliver Stone's Bush Movie Now Online

Oliver Stone has been speedily rushing production of his new bio


, a look at the life and times of George W. Bush.

The first trailer has hit the nets, and Houston is a star!

Kind of.

But the clips do include scenes of the infamous night when W drunkenly crashed a car onto the front lawn of Daddy's Houston home, then challenged the old man to a fight.

Josh Brolin, hot off No Country For Old Men, plays W and James Cromwell, the farmer in Babe, plays the first Bush. Some of the other actors look uncannily like their parts, including those playing Barbara Bush, Karl Rove and Condoleezza Rice (Laura Bush, not so much).

The film is supposed to be out this fall.

Let's hope it includes lots of Houston shenanigans, even though none of it was shot here.

-- Richard Connelly


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